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【docker】开启remote api访问,并使用TLS加密 | … 2019-1-25 · 第五维 其它 围观973 次 【docker】开启remote api访问,并使用TLS 加密 已关闭评论 编辑日期: 2019-01-25 字体:大 中 小 背景: docker默认是能使用本地的socket进行管理,这个在集群中使用的时候很不方便,因为很多功能还是需要链接docker服务进行 OpenWRT OpenVPN配置远程访问所有家里局域网 … 2018-12-30 · remote-cert-tls server remote 1194 将该配置文件拖入Tunnelblick,以便于添加该ovpn 。4. 电信猫上做端口转发 通常来说电信的猫是拒绝1194这个端口的入口流量的,不过一般来说天翼网关是允许做非80端口的端口转发的,加入你的电信猫LAN口

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TLS with Go | posts 2020-1-6 · For a long time my knowledge of TLS was Googling “how to configure nginx as an HTTPS proxy.” Okay, the cert goes here and the key goes here, that's my job done. But with more and more pushes for things HTTPS and HTTP/2 (which defaults to using TLS), it sometimes helps to understand this a little better.

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2017-9-25 OpenVPN服务搭建与管理 - lang13002的个人空间 … 2019-5-12 · client dev tun proto tcp-client remote 1194 allow-recursive-routing resolv-retry infinite nobind persist-key persist-tun remote-cert-tls server auth-user-pass auth-nocache ca ca.crt cert client1.crt key client1.key remote-cert-tls server auth-user-pass auth-nocache –ns-cert-type is DEPRECATED | Netgate Forum --remote-cert-tls client|server Require that peer certificate was signed with an explicit key usage and extended key usage based on RFC3280 TLS rules. The –ns-cert-type option is probably less strict about the key usage signing. This means pfSense should at some point switch to generating client configs that use --remote-cert-tls instead of