FEMA requires a benefit-cost analysis (BCA) to determine the cost-effectiveness of projects submitted under FEMA's other Hazard Mitigation Assistance grants (e.g., PDM, HMGP, FMA). Applicants and subapplicants must use the FEMA-approved methods and BCA tool. The FEMA BCA tool and technical guides are available in the Benefit-Cost Analysis Toolkit.

Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) Grant Programs Hazard mitigation describes sustained actions taken to reduce or eliminate long-term risks to people and property caused by natural hazards. Hazard mitigation actions improve a community’s resilience to natural disasters by taking measures to reduce risk and to minimize impacts of severe FEMA HMA team looking for External Stakeholder Working External Stakeholder Working Group members needed The FEMA Hazard Mitigation Assistance team announced the launch of an External Stakeholder Working Group and is seeking applications from local or county jurisdictions for membership. The purpose of the ESWG is to provide a venue for increased communication between FEMA staff and external stakeholders. Eligibility of Generators - Florida Division of Emergency Nov 15, 2012

FEMA also provides HMA grant funding to tribes, counties, local jurisdictions and public non-profits, with the state as the pass-through agent. Individuals are not eligible to apply for this grant. HMA programs reduce community vulnerability to disasters and their effects, promote individual and community safety and resilience, and promote

Hazard Mitigation Assistance Job Aids | FEMA.gov Hazard Mitigation Assistance Job Aids These job aids were created to help streamline the Hazard Mitigation Assistance grant programs.

The Hazard Mitigation Assistance Cost Share Guidance is a tool for Applicants, Subapplicants and FEMA to assist with understanding match requirements for FEMA’s HMA grants. The Guide encourages early coordination for cost share strategies and provides helpful examples for various approaches such as donated resources for the non-Federal cost

deep understanding of FEMA’s HMA programs and helps our clients secure and maximize funding to support all types of resilience projects. We leverage federal dollars available through multiple funding streams and encourage a system-based approach to 406 Mitigation which helps agencies prioritize their limited HMA funding. Hagerty Flood Mitigation Resources | Charleston, SC - Official Website Can be received in addition to HMA funding; FEMA Publications. Above the Flood: Elevating Your Floodprone House, FEMA-347 (2000) Answers to Questions About the National Flood Insurance Program, F-084 (2011) Coastal Construction Manual, FEMA-P-55, (2011) Elevated Residential Structures, FEMA … L0212 Hazard Mitigation Assistance: Developing Quality L0212 Hazard Mitigation Assistance: Developing Quality Application Elements Alabama EMA Media Room - Clanton, AL Course Description: The purpose of this course is to educate students on the process of preparing and submitting quality Unified Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) grant programs planning and project subapplication elements.