Sep 05, 2013 · The NSA spent $255 million this year on the decryption program — code named Bullrun — which aims to "covertly influence" software designs and "insert vulnerabilities into commercial encryption

How Secure Is the Military-Grade AES Encryption Algorithm? Jan 28, 2020 NSA uses supercomputers to crack Web encryption, files show Sep 05, 2013 What is AES Encryption & How Does it Work? | JSCAPE What is AES encryption? AES or Advanced Encryption Standard is a cipher, i.e., a method for encrypting and decrypting information.Whenever you transmit files over secure file transfer protocols like HTTPS, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAVS, OFTP, or AS2, there's a good chance your data will be encrypted by some flavor of AES ciphers - either AES 256, 192, or 128.

NSA also provided NIST a report that was made public in May 2000, Hardware Performance Simulations of Round 2 Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithms. The Internet Archive has an archive copy of NIST's AES Development site (as of December 18, 2001), including links to information on all candidate algorithms, public comments received, conference

Oct 29, 2018 Space Encryption Solutions | Raytheon Fully compliant with NSA requirements, Raytheon’s space cryptography solutions implement the highest standards in satellite link security. Interoperable with existing and legacy algorithms and devices, Raytheon’s airborne vehicle equipment, ground operating equipment, and embeddable ASICs deliver simultaneous authenticated command uplink decryption and mission/telemetry downlink encryption

The NSA can save money by using AES in their systems. There is an increasing trend to use commercial-off-the-shelf products for military security, especially for non-battlefield environments. The commercial market will drive economies of scale that the NSA can take advantage of, assuming AES meets their needs.

Knowing this, the NSA breaking AES would mean that they are a lot more advanced than the academic community, and there is not necessarily a reason for that. If you ignore the common, misleading image of a secret government agency with so much power that it has access to technology 50 years in advance of everyone, the NSA is just a well-funded