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Apr 26, 2000 Freenet — Википедия Freenet является попыткой устранить возможность для любой группы лиц навязывать свои убеждения и ценности другим. Многие государства осуществляют цензуру коммуникаций в … What is the FreeNet License-free Radio?-Retevis RT24V May 22, 2020

Feb 29, 2008

Freenet AG (formerly freenet.de AG) is a German telecommunications and web content provider. The company was formerly a subsidiary of Mobilcom . In 2004, its EBITDA was 471.5 million euro. In 2007, Freenet.de merged with Mobilcom, a deal which took around two years to complete, and the resulting company changed its name to Freenet AG. Freenet, Entropy, and Samizdat Controller is a small application which allows you to control Freenet, Entropy, and Samizdat. This project is looking for a new maintainer. Top Searches

Freenet is a distributed datastore, so once content is uploaded to Freenet, it will remain on Freenet forever, as long as it remains popular, without fear of censorship or denial of service attacks, and without needing to run your own web server and keep it online constantly.

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