Q: When I add the menu to sites which are using ASP script the font color doesn't change when I roll over the menu, can you please have a look for me and explain whats up. A: You're using CSS for your …

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Jul 30, 2008

Nov 11, 2013 · Please review your network config and/or your settings. !2013-11-08 17:37:30: ServerConnect.cpp(274): Connection established on: PEERATES.NET !2013-11-08 17:37:30: amule.cpp(1875): Connected to PEERATES.NET with LowID 2013-11-08 17:37:30: ServerSocket.cpp(411): New clientid is 761146 !2013-11-08 17:37:30: ServerSocket.cpp(413): WARNING: You "You have a lowid. Please review your network config and/or your settings." What would be a standard and/or best setting for TCP/UDP ports? I have a Linksys SRX400 router I recently purchased.

emule mi invia questo messaggio: You have a lowid. Please

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