Cisco Webex Meetings Security White Paper

A vulnerability in the update service of the Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App for Windows could allow elevation of privilege. A vulnerability in the update service of the Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App for Windows tracked as CVE-2019-1674 could be exploited by an unprivileged local attacker to elevate privileges and run arbitrary commands using the SYSTEM user privileges. Webex outage map Downdetector We switched from #zoom to #webex. Had a lot of quality issues in March and we needed a more stable platform for our podcast - never mind the security concerns. Haven't looked back since. July 22, 2020, 5:50 p.m. @Meleon42 So many conf calls. Some in most Teams, some in Zoom, and few in WebEx. Coronavirus: Schools Ditch Zoom Amid Security Concerns Apr 06, 2020 Side-By-Side: Comparing Popular Video Conferencing

Read more about the new Webex Extended Security Pack here. Easy to purchase and deploy. Customers are now able to purchase this new vertically-integrated security stack as part of their Webex subscription, and it can be deployed quickly and easily. Enables cross-company collaboration. This package was designed with cross-company collaboration

Learn more about the security features of Cisco Webex. Webex, the leader in video conferencing. Try Cisco Webex Meetings for free today. Learn More. Video conferencing with security you can trust. Securing users and devices in Webex. New security and compliance features in team collaboration tool, Webex Teams Cisco Webex is the leading enterprise solution for video conferencing, webinars, and screen sharing. Web conferencing, online meeting, cloud calling and equipment.

Update Your Webex Desktop App To Avoid Security Threat

Apr 30, 2020 Known Issues and Limitations for Cisco Webex Productivity See the Known Issues and Limitations for the Webex Meetings Desktop Application (WBS39.10 and Later) for more info on the desktop app. . Windows and Mac. Can't edit migrated meetings scheduled with Webex Productivity Tools. After installing the Microsoft Office 365 add-in, users may see two Webex icons in their Microsoft Outlook window.