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(#418)" I would request access, but there's no button of any kind indicating I can do so. I don't own the groups and, from what I understand, they're decently large, so finding any owner would be a … An "SQL 418" error occurs when debugging an EGL get statement Resolving The Problem. To resolve the problem use one of the two following workarounds. Use the prepare statement, for example: ; prepare stmt1 from "select * from test.TABLE3 WHERE COL4 > TIMESTAMP('::loc_DATE::"', '00.00.00')";. get rec with stmt1;. OR Use the EGL timestamp function instead of the DB2 timestamp function, for example: Save Error Code 418 > "What the heck is this 418 status code? Why is it important?" If you've spent any time browsing the web, chances are pretty good you've run into a page with an How to fix Error 418 (Quicken Error 418) - Error 418 - I'm About The Author: Phil Hart has been a Microsoft Community Contributor since 2010. With a current point score over 100,000, they've contributed more than 3000 answers in the Microsoft Support forums and have created almost 200 new help articles in the Technet Wiki.

May 17, 2017 4:58:32 AM MDT WRN 418:A01C-S--L-- REDACTED_SERVER_NAME Bad Block discovered: controller 1 (39369000). Notably there is no indication of which drive is having problems. I also found a corresponding entry in the windows event log, with Event ID 418, but …

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