Diablo® III. StarCraft® II. The firewall in Mac OS X and macOS allows you to control connections on a per-application basis, rather than a per-port basis. This makes it easier to use firewall protection and prevent undesirable applications from taking control of network ports.

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Port Forwarding help. Ok. So I own Diablo 2. Not pirated. Not stolen. I OWN the game. Have the discs and have them fully installed and fully patched to the latest version. For some reason, I cannot play online using Game Ranger, nor can my friend join my hosted game TCP. It shows up as Cannot

Feb 09, 2004 · Diablo II (Lord of Destruction) Port 6112 TCP in/out Port 4000 TCP out (for closed Battle.net realm games) Port 4000 TCP in/out (for hosting on Open Battle.net or TCP/IP games) I couldn't get mine to work for a lan game. Good Luck. Apr 16, 2018 · Port forwarding must be enabled on the UDP ports that are in the range of 2300 to 2310 from your router to the computer that is hosting the game. Manual port forwarding If you use port forwarding on the network and want to manually configure the game, you must first download and then install the latest version of Age of Empires III. 6.4.6 Using the Port Forwarding Option Forwarding tells the UBC1301-AA00 to which computer on the local area network to send data. If your host systems or applications have communications issues with the Internet, you can use forwarding to resolve the following issues: Data is sent from a local host to the Internet, but the return path of Diablo® Immortal™ StarCraft 2 voice chat doesn't work. Make sure your router is forwarding port 1119 and port 1120 to your computer using the UDP protocol I use a wireless router (Netgear WGR614 v6) for both of our internet needs. However, the router blocks us from logging onto Battle.net. I have port forwarding set up on my computer's ip for ports 6112 and 4000, however the router doesn't let me open the same ports for a different ip (her computer). For Diablo II: Lord of Destruction on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Port forwarding".