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Firefox options, preferences and settings | Firefox Help General panel. This panel contains options preferences for the following types of settings: . General Startup, Home Page and Tabs: This is where you can set Firefox as your default browser, change what pages open when Firefox starts, set Firefox to restore your previous session at startup and choose how tabs are opened.. Language and Appearance Fonts & Colors and Language: This is where you Firefox options, preferences and settings - Mozilla Support Firefox options, preferences and settings The Options/Preferences panels give you access to Firefox settings. This article describes what types of settings are available in each panel. Connection settings in Firefox Mozilla Corporation’s not-for-profit parent, the Mozilla Foundation. A brief guide to Mozilla preferences - Mozilla | MDN To protect privacy by preventing inadvertent loading of a preferences file in the browser, the first line of the file is made un-parseable and skipped on loading. The only exception to this is user.js.. On application launch, several preferences files are loaded. They are: Default preference files. Firefox ships default preferences in several files, all in the application directory: Download Firefox — Free Web Browser — Mozilla

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3. Firefox offers a number of very helpful extensions to the browsers. From video downloading assistance to IT session managers, there are a number of extensions that can be added to Firefox to customize the experience. This makes it extremely useful to sync passwords, manage bookmarks, and sort out personal preferences. Firefox Voice | browse the internet with your voice - Mozilla Even if users do not opt-in to allowing storage, they are able to use Firefox Voice. In your Preferences,you can change your settings at any time. If you allow Mozilla to store your voice recordings, we use your recordings for research purposes and to help improve Firefox Voice. Firefox Review - Speed, Protection & Privacy - Updated 2020

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Preferences — Firefox Source Docs documentation It can be set or unset via the Preferences dialog in Firefox for Android (Fennec). If unified is on, this is locked to true if MOZ_UPDATE_CHANNEL is nightly or aurora or beta or default (which is the default value of MOZ_UPDATE_CHANNEL for developer builds). A New Preferences Parser for Firefox – Nicholas Nethercote Mar 09, 2018 Mozilla removes individual cookie management in Firefox 60 Feb 26, 2018