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Jan 12, 2015 How to configure DNS Server in Linux We have configured master DNS server with ip address of and hostname on linux server. Now we will configure slave DNS server on linux clients. To configure slave DNS server go on client1 system. First test connectivity from dns server by ping commands and check necessary rpm. Install, Configure, and Maintain Linux DNS Server - Like Geeks

The DNS server will resolve the hostname to IP but will not resolve anything for only test as it does not have any entry like so. So, what search domain is doing in our case is that it is automatically appending a domain name to make it a FQDN when we are just using the hostname to …

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How to use Nslookup in Debian – Linux Hint Nslookup or name server lookup is a tool used by network administrators to find the hostname, IP address or other DNS records such as MX records, NS records, etc. It is often used to fix DNS related issues. In this article, we will explain how to use Nslookup to query different types of DNS records.